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Lazy RW Distillery Recipes

Cinnamon Whiskey Recipes 

Happy Coconut - Shot

One part Lazy RW Cinnamon Whiskey 

One Part Coconut Rum 

Lazy Mule 
2oz -  Lazy RW Cinnamon Whiskey 
1 Ginger Beer 
1 Orange slice 
Fill glass with ice, add Lazy RW Cinnamon Whiskey and Ginger beer.  Stir, and garnish with orange slice.  

The Gingerbread - Shot

1 part Lazy RW Cinnamon Whisky 

1 part Lazy RW Irish Cream 

1 part Butterscotch Schnapps 

Cinnamon Coffee Shot

1/3 Lazy RW Cinnamon Whiskey 

1/3 Butterscotch Liqueur 

1/3 Kahlua

Lazy RW Distillery Cinnamon Roll 



Lemon Whiskey Recipes 

Apple Whiskey Sour 

3oz Lazy RW Lemon Whiskey

4oz Apple Juice 

4oz Ginger Ale 


Apple Slices 

Fill glass with ice.  Add Lemon Whiskey, Apple Juice, and Ginger Ale and garnish with apple slices 

Cranberry Lemon Whiskey 

3oz of Lemon Whiskey 

6oz of Cranberry Juice 


Fill glass with ice.  Add lemon whiskey and cranberry juice.  

Lemon Strawberry Refresher 

3oz Lazy Rw Lemon Whiskey 

1 can of Strawberry Bubbly 



Fill glass is ice.  Add lemon whiskey, and strawberry Bubbley.  

Pineapple Whiskey Sour 

Lazy RW Distillery's.png

Nebraska Frost 

Game Day

Whiskey Runner


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