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Personal Whiskey Run

Your Corn, Our Process, Whiskey with a Personal Identity 

40 Personal Whiskey Run Orders Available! 

Cost & Details 

What started out as a fascination with old journals from a Great Uncle, who operated a still on the Niobrara River in prohibition days, has now become a fully licensed whiskey distillery located in Moorefield, Nebraska. We are proud of our slow distilling process and would like to make you a personalized whiskey run of Frontier Straight, made from the corn you grow. 


To get started, we need 1 bushel or 53 lbs of your un-cracked dry corn.  We will distill and collect the alcohol from your corn and keep it separate from other orders to ensure the whiskey you get, is from your corn and your corn only.


Once the distilling process is finished, your whiskey is bottled, labeled and ready for pick-up at the Lazy RW Distillery in Moorefield, Nebraska.  Lazy RW Distillery will guarantee a minimum of 50- 750ml bottles of the Frontier Straight Whiskey. It will be packaged in custom-designed boxes containing 12 bottles each. You will also receive a thumb drive containing photos documenting the journey your corn has gone through to become the first-ever Lazy RW Distillery Personal Whiskey Run.  


Lazy RW Distillery Personal Whiskey Run is great for Christmas gifts, promoting your farm or ranch, or just keeping around for your personal reserve.  We will only take 40 orders for the 2019/2020 season.  Availability is first come first serve. 






Cost is $2000 plus tax.  $1000 is required when corn is collected. Than $1000 when you pick up your order at Lazy RW. 


We will pick up the corn at no charge, as long as it's within a 100-mile radius of Moorefield, NE.


All alcohol distilled will be made into Lazy RW Distillery Frontier Straight Whiskey 40% ABV (80 Proof) and follow State and Federal TTB regulations for recipes and labeling.


You will receive a minimum of 50 - 750 ml bottles of Frontier Straight Whiskey. Boxes can be custom designed and printed with customers' name, brands, or farm name. 


All finished products must and can only be pick-up in Moorefield by customers, no exceptions.  

    Lazy RW Enterprises LLC 511 S Ash. Moorefield Ne 69039


Lazy RW Enterprises LLC Reserves the right to refuse service in any capacity for any reason.  



Order your
Personal Whiskey Run  

To place your order, fill out the form below or email us at  ​

Whiskey will only be the Frontier Stright.   We will contact you within 3 business days to confirm your order and details.  

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